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As people take home health and non-toxic solutions more and more seriously, they begin to realize the problem of using traditional carpet cleaning companies. Carpet cleaning generally consists of flooding your home with soaps and detergents full of harsh chemicals, all just to leave behind a sticky, crunchy residue in its place. If you’ve had a carpet cleaning from one of the traditional carpet cleaning companies, it’s likely you’ve felt like your carpet wasn’t actually much cleaner afterward. This is a result of the soap residue that gets left behind. After leaving that residue, your carpet becomes more susceptible to attracting dirt and grime, resulting in dirty carpets right after having them cleaned. The solution is Zerorez®! At Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Raleigh, we saw the need to create a healthier, longer-lasting solution to carpet cleaning. We have changed the professional carpet cleaning game by utilizing our patented technology that leaves you without that residue. Our process is gentle, yet effective, using our alkalized Zr™ Water. Choose Zerorez® and experience the power of our revolutionary system!

Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Raleigh

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